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If you are here you are probably having some difficulties accessing our platform. We are sorry for that. If there is nothing relevant in the list below, you have two choices:
  • Contact Chainformation support here (English) or here (Swedish)
  • Go to the status page of our supplier – if they have problems, it is totally out of our control and they are working very hard to fix the problem
DateType of errorStatus
2022-03-25DDoS attack on the mail server. This means that no emails are being received to the mail server at the moment. We are monitoring the situation and as soon as the attack is over, the mail server will receive emails again.Resolved and monitoring
2022-03-09We are experiencing technical problems with all videos in the platform.Resolved
2021-03-30We are experiencing slow up- and download times for files and images. This is a problem with our supplier and regrettably out of our hands. They are working on the problem in the datacenter.

The platform (except the files/images) is working normally, the same for videos. This is because they are located in a different datacenter.
2019-10-23We are experiencing error on checklists after the upgrade this morning. This applies to both app and webb. We are investigating.Resolved.
2019-08-29Problem logging in to our app. We are investigating.Resolved
2019-04-10All servers down at our supplier, they are working on it. See status hereResolved